Air India, All Nippon Airways signs codeshare agreement

Air India, All Nippon Airways signs codeshare agreement

Air India
Air India

New Delhi, April 23 (IANS) Tata-owned Air India and Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways have signed a codeshare agreement connecting their networks, enhancing flight selections between India and Japan.

With this agreement, effective for travel from May 23, Air India and All Nippon Airways guests will fly to their desired destination by combining those flights between India and Japan with a single ticket.


In addition, guests of both airlines flying on codeshare flights will enjoy premium services such as lounge access and priority boarding that Star Alliance offers to its premium members.

Available for sale from 23 April 2024, Air India will add its ‘AI’ designator code on ANA’s flights between Tokyo Haneda and Delhi as well as Tokyo Narita and Mumbai, while All Nippon Airways will add its ‘NH’ designator code on Air India’s flight between Tokyo Narita and Delhi.

“This codeshare agreement with All Nippon Airways marks an important step forward in connecting India and Japan,” said Nipun Aggarwal, Chief Commercial & Transformation Officer, Air India.

“This collaboration broadens our network connectivity and offers our guests seamless travel experiences and a wider choice of flights between the two countries. We look forward to a successful collaboration with ANA and exploring further avenues for cooperation in the future,” said Aggarwal.

Katsuya Goto, Member of the Board and Executive Vice President of Alliances and International Affairs, All Nippon Airways said that this collaboration is a testament to ANA’s commitment to improving the air travel experience for all of its travellers.

“We hope this will lead to a seamless travel environment between our two nations,” said Goto.

That’s right! Air India and All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest carrier, recently signed a codeshare agreement [codeshare agreement Air India ANA]. This agreement will benefit travellers flying between India and Japan in a few ways:

  • More travel options: With the codeshare agreement, both airlines will place their codes on each other’s flights on specific routes. This means you’ll be able to book a single ticket that combines flights from both airlines, potentially offering more flight options and schedules.

  • Seamless travel: When you book a codeshare flight, you’ll check in with the airline you initially booked with and your luggage will be transferred between airlines automatically, making your travel experience smoother.

  • Potential benefits: The agreement mentions passengers on codeshare flights might enjoy premium services like lounge access and priority boarding, subject to the airlines’ specific policies and your ticketed fare class.

The codeshare will be effective for travel starting May 23, 2024. Here are some specific routes that will be affected:

  • Air India will add its code to ANA flights between:

    • Tokyo Haneda and Delhi
    • Tokyo Narita and Mumbai
  • ANA will add its code to Air India’s flight between:


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