Cathie Wood’s ARK ETF: 2024 adjusts portfolio with major stock trades

Cathie Wood’s ARK ETF adjusts portfolio with major stock trades


Cathie Wood’s ARK ETFs have made a series of significant trades on Monday, 20 May 2024, with the largest transaction being the purchase of CRISPR Therapeutics AG (NASDAQ:CRSP) shares. The investment management firm bought a total of 89,866 CRSP shares, valued at approximately $5,052,266, across its ARKK and ARKG ETFs.


On the sell side, ARK ETFs offloaded a considerable number of Teladoc Health Inc (NYSE:TDOC) shares, totaling 257,675 across its ARKK and ARKG ETFs, amounting to $3,280,202. This move continues a recent trend for ARK, which has been reducing its position in TDOC over the past several trading sessions.

In addition to CRSP, ARK’s buying activity included adding 10,459 shares of Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ:AMD) through its ARKQ ETF with a total dollar value of $1,720,191, and 34,060 shares of Shopify Inc (NYSE:NYSE:SHOP) through its ARKF ETF valued at $1,993,531. These acquisitions reflect a growing interest in the technology sector.


ARK ETFs also sold shares in several companies, including 53,668 shares of Robinhood Markets Inc (NASDAQ:HOOD) for a total of $1,078,190 through its ARKF ETF, and 68,435 shares of Global-E Online Ltd (NASDAQ:GLBE) valued at $1,993,511 through the same fund.

The firm continued to adjust its healthcare holdings by selling 40,409 shares of Exact Sciences Corp (NASDAQ:EXAS) through its ARKG ETF, totaling $2,035,805. This follows a pattern of selling EXAS shares in previous sessions.

Other notable trades included the purchase of 15,946 shares of Iridium Communications Inc (NASDAQ:IRDM) through its ARKX ETF, totaling $501,980, and the acquisition of 3,483 shares of Intellia Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:NTLA) across its ARKK and ARKG ETFs, with a combined value of $913,321.

Smaller transactions on the buy side included 1,196 shares of Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp (NASDAQ:ADPT) through its ARKG ETF, valued at $4,317, and 3,506 shares of 10X Genomics Inc (NASDAQ:TXG) through the same fund, amounting to $87,685.

On the sell side, ARK ETFs parted with 55,555 shares of Unity Software Inc (NYSE:U) for a total of $1,203,876 and 92,909 shares of Verve Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:VERV) valued at $555,595.

These trades reflect ARK’s dynamic investment strategy, with a focus on disruptive innovation. Investors keeping an eye on ARK’s movements may note the firm’s ongoing interest in genomic health companies, evidenced by its continued investment in CRISPR Therapeutics and Intellia Therapeutics, and its reduced stake in companies like Teladoc Health and Robinhood Markets.

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