Ethereum Co-Founder: 2024 Comends Community’s Free-Speech Culture

Ethereum Co-Founder: 2024 Comends Community’s Free-Speech Culture


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  • Vitalik Buterin sparked free speech discussion among crypto community members.
  • Buterin commended Ethereum community for their free-speech culture.
  • Users believe Buterin wants devs to amp up activities and build more blockchain apps.

Recent comments by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin have sparked widespread discussion about freedom of expression in the cryptocurrency industry. In a post on X, Buterin commended Ethereum’s culture, highlighting that the community does not try to prevent people from speaking their minds.


According to Buterin, the Ethereum community does not practice controlled speech. He highlighted that even people with negative feelings toward the protocol or ecosystem express themselves without restriction, noting that some users wave the ideal of “open discourse” as a flag while others take it seriously.

As it turns out, Buterin’s comments sparked widespread discussion among crypto community members, many of whom responded to his post. Most of the respondents supported the Ethereum co-founder’s view. They agreed to the existing free-speech culture in the Ethereum community, criticizing the contrasting approach of most web3 ecosystems for prioritizing censorship.

According to reports, Buterin’s message revolves around the crypto movement’s ultimate goal of a free and open internet. The Ethereum chief’s focus is on the need for practical application of blockchain technologies against getting lost in theoretical discussions. Several users consider Buterin’s call for free speech a signal for developers to increase their efforts to build more blockchain applications, considering Ethereum’s recent market decline.

Ethereum has lost a significant portion of its market share in the last two weeks. TradingView’s data shows that ETH’s dominance dropped from 17.51% on April 28 to 15.41% as of May 17, 2024. The flagship crypto has struggled to recover from a pullback after reaching a yearly high of $4,093 in March.

The flagship altcoin traded for $3,109 at the time of writing, according to data from TradingView, as the bulls attempt to reestablish a bullish momentum ahead of a potential bull run.

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