Hot Stocks: Bet on Ipca Laboratories, HEG, City Union Bank for 15-25% return in short term

Hot Stocks: Bet on Ipca Laboratories, HEG, City Union Bank for 15-25% return in short term

The Nifty is displaying a robust bullish trend, characterised by consistent higher top higher bottom formations, particularly evident on the monthly charts where it hovers near the all-time high levels. This indicates enduring positive sentiment for the long term.

On the weekly charts, the index bounced off significant support at the 13-week EMA (exponential moving average) following a brief correction, resuming its primary uptrend and setting a fresh record high after a three-week period.

Additionally, a potential breakout of the cup-and-handle pattern is looming on the daily charts at the life-high level, suggesting an uptick in the bullish momentum. Key technical indicators, notably the relative strength index (RSI), are portraying optimistic readings above 60 across daily, weekly, and monthly time frames, indicating favourable momentum conditions.

In terms of levels, immediate resistance is notable at 22,800, a significant level on higher time frames, with further resistance observed at 23,170 and 23,400. Conversely, crucial support levels are identified at 22,300 and 22,000.

The information you shared recommends specific stocks (Ipca Laboratories, HEG, City Union Bank) claiming a potential return of 15-25% in the short term. While it sounds appealing, there are some important things to consider before making any investment decisions based on this recommendation:

  • Short-term Stock Recommendations: These can be risky. Stock prices can fluctuate significantly in the short term, and there’s no guarantee of achieving a specific return, especially within a short timeframe.
  • Source Credibility: It’s important to understand the source of the recommendation. The source you linked ( doesn’t appear to be a well-established financial news or analysis website.
  • Do Your Own Research: Before investing in any stock, it’s crucial to conduct your own research. This should involve looking at the company’s fundamentals (financial statements, growth prospects, etc.), analyst ratings, and overall market conditions.

Here are some resources that can help you with your research:

  • Financial news websites: Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC
  • Stock market analysis websites: Morningstar, Value Line, Zacks Investment Research
  • Company websites: Company investor relations sections often provide valuable information about their financial performance and future outlook.

Remember, investing involves risk, and there’s no guaranteed way to make money in the stock market. Always do your own research and consider your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions.

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