Systematic Investment : Unleash the Power of Piotroski Score with InvestingPro+

Systematic Investment: Unleash the Power of Piotroski Score with InvestingPro+

Systematic Investment
Systematic Investment

In the fast-paced world of investing, finding reliable indicators to assess the health and potential of a company is paramount. Enter the Piotroski Score—a robust metric developed by accounting professor Joseph Piotroski to evaluate the financial strength of a company. InvestingPro+ brings this powerful tool to your fingertips, revolutionizing your stock analysis game.

But what exactly is the Piotroski Score, and why is it crucial for investors? In essence, the Piotroski Score is a numerical score ranging from 0 to 9, calculated based on nine financial ratios and metrics derived from a company’s financial statements. These ratios assess various aspects such as profitability, liquidity, leverage, and operating efficiency. A higher Piotroski Score indicates stronger financial health and better investment potential.


Why does this matter? Because in today’s volatile market, investors need reliable methods to identify fundamentally sound companies amidst the noise. The Piotroski Score offers just that—it helps investors uncover hidden gems with solid fundamentals while avoiding potential pitfalls.

The benefits are manifold. Firstly, utilizing the Piotroski Score allows investors to focus on companies with a track record of improving financial performance, reducing the risk of investing in struggling or declining businesses. Moreover, by incorporating this metric into their investment strategy, investors can enhance their decision-making process, leading to more informed and profitable choices.

InvestingPro+ takes the power of the Piotroski Score to the next level with its intuitive screener feature. Imagine being able to sift through thousands of listed stocks effortlessly, targeting only those with high Piotroski Scores. With InvestingPro+, this becomes a reality. The screener automates the screening process, saving investors valuable time and effort. No coding skills are required—all you need to do is change your criteria (if you want) or else leave it as it is, and let the screener do the rest.

This automation not only streamlines the stock selection process but also ensures accuracy and consistency. Investors can trust that the stocks identified by the screener meet their desired criteria, giving them confidence in their investment decisions. By creating a portfolio of stocks with a high Piotroski score, investors can significantly improve their odds of success. And not to mention, the InvestingPro+ fair value feature is always there to know what is the valuation gap and where to book profits, without any guesswork.

Moreover, InvestingPro+ empowers investors to refine their investment skills by providing access to valuable insights and data-driven analysis. By utilizing the Piotroski Score and other advanced features, investors can deepen their understanding of financial metrics and trends, honing their ability to spot promising investment opportunities.

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